John de Boeck- Owner, manager, DM, captain (60 ton), cook helper, dish-washer, naturalist, first aid, etc- Over 30 years offering incredible dive tours in BC. Knows this area inside out, knows all of BC better than most. Ran a liveaboard for 22 years, with 1/3 of a million miles traveled and 120,000 safe dives. Built HideAway from "scratch", now offers BCs finest wilderness dive resort facilities and services... Has 43,000+ hours logged time as a "60 ton vessel master in command", has additional 45,000 hrs as "small vessel master in command" running dives, has led over 25,000 dives / 193,000 tanks breathed as "in command" boat operator, filled 180,000+ tanks, and has the best safety record of any full-time dive operator on the planet. KNOWS the area, KNOWS his stuff.
Mike Durban- Captain (500 ton), DM, mechanic, welder, cook helper, naturalist, first aid ... Mike was owner of several liveaboard vessels between the 1970s to 2008, "Cachalote" in Galapagos and "Blue Fjord" in BC. being the highlights. Ecotourism & wildlife tours are his specialties. Has run tugboats, research vessels, government fisheries vessels and commercial fishing boats over the years.
Christie Ball-
Don Johnston- Head chef at HideAway. In command of food. He's awesome! He used to be a real-estate salesman but he's all right now!
Jeeper- Carpenter & mechanic extraordinaire- Doug fixes everything! Still a ski-bum when the snow flies!