Port Hardy & Browning Pass area has the best temperate diving in BC ... Canada... North America... the World... the Known Universe!
BC Diving is ranked by "Scuba Diving" magazine's readers as the BEST DIVING in North America!
#1 for Best Destination #1 Best Value
#1 Best Diving #1 Best Walls
#1 Best Macro #1 Best UW Photography!
#2 for Wreck Diving #2 Big Animals
HideAway's professional crew are fun, safe, experienced, and love to take people diving!
We will attend to your needs for good information on sites, and for the best tide and current info available. We find giant Pacific octopus, visit friendly wolfeels at their dens, and maybe interact with Pacific white-sided dolphins in the wild. Our staff's orca (killer whale) observations work has led to the discovery of orcas' travel patterns in areas not previously well known, giving you the opportunity to see and photograph these amazing mammals in pristine wilderness areas. Experienced divemasters will put you in the right spots at precisely calculated slack tides, so you can enjoy your dives at every site. Enjoy time with our crew between-dives, who are pretty knowledgeable on marine life, marine ecology, currents, tides, sasquatches and lots of other stuff. We love to recount stories about unusual behaviours of marine life, whales & dolphins, local history, our attemps at protecting Browning Pass and other coastal area from abuse, and, with permission, we might visit ancient First Nation sites, possibly with elders recounting their history!
All-Inclusive Trips to:

Browning Pass, Nakwakto , Deserters & Dillon Rock!
SEA LIONS, Sea Otters, Seals, Dalls porpoise & Harbour porpoise are here YEAR-ROUND!

HUMPBACKS usually arrive in May and are here until October- peaking in August to October.

ORCAS usually arrive in June and are here until November- peaking July to September.

DOLPHINS usually arrive in August or September, and they usually stay through March.
Port Hardy, Browning Pass and Queen Charlotte Strait

Marine life in this area includes rare soft corals and sponges, several "friendly" wolf-eels, plus phenonemal concentrations of almost every other species of common and unusual vertebrate and invertebrate life found in B.C.'s temperate waters. We see dolphins regularly, during late summer and fall!

Visibility in March, April & from Sept.to Dec. is 50'-100' with water temperatures of 6C (43F) to 10C (50F), while from May to August visibility ranges from 20'-70', with water temperatures from 6C(45F) to 12C (54F). Late summer and fall Pacific White-sided dolphins come in in groups to several hundred, and well over 100 resident orcas call this area "home". Regular sightings of Dall's porpoise, harbour porpoise, Minke whales, Stellar sealions and harbour seals make this "marine mammal heaven"! Regular summer and fall sightings of Humpback and Grey whales, and hundreds of marine birds including eagles, puffins, auklets, shearwaters and dozens more species keep us busy looking between dives. Beach walks, forest hikes, old native villages and chains of untouched islands round our days out.
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